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Post  Admin on Wed Mar 26, 2008 2:19 pm

This forum is for enclosed discussion between people(s) that are interested in learning NHG(japanese language) and also as a discussion medium between the members.

To post any posting(s) in this forum, one must registered as a member of this forum.

The rules of this forum is as follows:-

1. member(s) must not invoke hatred or what so ever in this forum (failure to do so may end up membership(s)being retaked)
2. member(s) must reply or post posting(s) through appropriete thread.

The rights of a member(s) of this forum is:-

1. post posting(s).
2. view thread posted by others members.
3. reply thread posted by others members.
4. participate in any event(s) hosted by the admin or mod (subject to availability).

However, administrator(s) and moderator(s) by that time reserved the rights to:-

1. remove any provocative posting by members.
2. remove any members (which violates the rules and ethics of this forum).
3. remove any thread (which violates the rules and ethics of this forum).


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