the using of 'amari'

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the using of 'amari' Empty the using of 'amari'

Post  kyin on Fri Feb 01, 2008 1:00 am

lesson 8 31 にち 1 がつ

the using of 'amari' (not so..)

example: beg A cost RM5000, beg B cost RM200, beg C cost RM10

かばんA は たかい です。 <-- Beg A is expensive. (nothing special)

かばん C は やすい です。 <-- Beg C is cheap. (nothing special also)

Beg B? Not that expensive. Can write as,
かばん B は あまり たか くない。 <-- Beg B not so expensive.

NOTICE: 'amari' is ONLY use at negative. CANNOT write as "kono zubon wa amari yasui desu." MUST write as "kono zubon wa amari taka kunai desu."

Any question can post here.

the using of 'amari' Wordpeace
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