adjective 'i' and adjective 'na'

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adjective 'i' and adjective 'na' Empty adjective 'i' and adjective 'na'

Post  kyin on Fri Feb 01, 2008 12:25 am

lesson 8 - 1 がつ 31 にち

きょう、せんせい に adjective い adjective な を おしえます。

if someone still confuse in this come to have a look, hope can get you guys more understand, i also base on my understand to share with you guys.

adjective い

adjective な

Let's talk about adjective な first. For example, "I'm not kind. -> わたし は しんせつ では ありません。" this very normal right? just add the "dewa arimasen" at back。 Because "しんせつ (shinsetsu)" last word is NOT 'i'。 If the word last word is '/i' , then have to look at adjective い。Example, "today not hot" in Japanese is "きょう あつ くない です。" Canot write as "kyo atsui dewa arimasen", because atsui last word end with '/i', in this case have to cancel the last '/i' and write as "kyo atsu kunai desu"。 Notice up there inside adjective な there is 2 *? ゆうめい and きれい。 Even this 2 last word is (in hiragana) but still in adjective な、 this 2 special case~ (but if you really notice that, this 2 word in kanji is sume and kire, the last word is not 'i', so canot put in adjective , i also not sure i'm correct with this or not. Very Happy )

More example:
Adjective な
KL is quiet. -----> KL は しずか です。
KL is NOT quiet. -----> KL は しずか では ありません。

She is beautiful. -----> あの ひと は きれい です。
She is NOT beautiful. -----> あの ひと は きれい では ありません。

Adjective い
This shirt is expensive. -----> この しゃつ は たかい です。
This shirt is NOT expensive. -----> この しゃつ は たか くない。

This pencil is white color. -----> この えんぴつ は しろい です。
This pencil is NOT white color. -----> この えんぴつ は しろ くない です。

Here, let's try yourself.

ちいさい -----> ちさ くない です。
おおきい ----->
あたらしい ----->
わるいい ----->
つめたい ----->
むずかしい ----->
ひくい ----->

the answer is hidden, reply your answer to see the answer.

any question can post here also.

adjective 'i' and adjective 'na' Wordpeace
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